The Importance of Employability Skills

Employability skills are essential qualifications an employer looks for in an individual. During interview and hiring processes, a manager asks questions of prospective employees that will determine whether the person would be an asset to the workplace. There are numerous employability skills to consider, however, the most important include leadership skills, organization, teamwork, volunteerism, and efficiency.

Being a leader is a very good quality to have going into the workplace. The main reason why people look for leaders is because they help the company prosper. Having a lot of initiative, a positive attitude, patience, responsibility, flexibility, and taking the blame when necessary are all traits that a leader should acquire. Some roles that leaders in a workplace practice include: listening and supporting other employees, delegating tasks to people who will succeed, making logical decisions, and setting objectives for the company. Being a leader is a very good employability skill to have and could help you get the job that you’ve always wanted. Here’s a link from Forbes magazine including the top 10 Leadership Tips that Steve Jobs believes you should possess.

To be a great employee, one of the skills you might want to have is being organized. You need to be organized because no one wants to work with a messy employee. When you are organized, you will become a worker that people will like to work with. You can get the job done efficiently and bring your stress level down because you know that everything is in the right spot. Being organized also makes the work area look clean and professional, which sends a good image to the customers. You will be able to manage your time more effectively because you will know where to look for certain items instead of searching. Organizational skills are very important for getting a job and being a good employee.

Teamwork is an employability skill that is beneficial to possess when working in an organization. Teamwork creates a positive workplace environment and ensures higher quality outcomes with richer ideas. Employees work together to accomplish goals and combine ideas to achieve success. Working in a team environment is much more effective as it allows for a faster rate of completion and all employees are able to work more efficiently.

Volunteering is a fundamental aspect that many employers seek in employees. It is important because it allows employers to see that you are willing to give back to your community and possess qualities such as compassion, empathy, and humanity. Giving back to your community is imperative because it allows you to form a profound relationship with the people who will utilize the different departments in your surrounding community. When you demonstrate characteristics such as compassion, empathy and humanity, it is easier for others to make an essential connection with you as an employee.

There are two elements of efficiency which illustrate its’ importance. Firstly, saving time is one key element. For example, no one wants to work within a tiny time frame. However, many employees can not finish large project until last minute, and it has become a common phenomenon. On the other hand, quality is also an important element. Even though many employees could finish work last minute, they usually ignore the quality of the project. Therefore, when employees are working together, efficiency is a necessary element. It means that employees should finish projects and tasks on time.

In conclusion, there are many employability skills that are beneficial to each individual. However, it is your responsibility to stay organized and productively participate in your workplace and community.



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