Academic Skills: Studying

Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Studying skills are a crucial component in academics in order to fully comprehend and simplify all of the important concepts in a course. Flash cards, time management and organization, reviewing notes and homework, completing given reviews and participating in study groups are all considerable approaches to success.

Flash cards are an efficient and cheap tool to take advantage of to aid in studying. From past experience flash cards are a compact tool to use because you can bring them anywhere. Such as a waiting room, the bus, home, or to a study group session. They can be used for games like Jeopardy. Linked here is a good video that demonstrates how to create your own customized flash cards.

Time management is a very vital part in staying organized and studying. Some things that help me stay organized and stay on track are: an agenda, being strict when it comes to studying and always being prepared. An agenda really helps when studying because you can put the test and assignment dates, so you know what your week looks like. When it comes to midterms or exam time, you can go to your agenda and organize study times for your days. For example, Monday you could concentrate on one subject then on Tuesday be working on another. Linked here is a good link on 10 ways to improve your time management skills.

Rewriting class notes and completing the assigned homework is an effective study strategy for all types of learners.  During class instruction, students can often become distracted and not fully understand the concepts taught.  If a student takes the time to rewrite and review notes following lectures/lessons, they will gain a better understanding of the information.  In addition, if any of the material is not understood or missed, it allows for time to ask questions next lesson.  Rewritten notes are usually more clear and precise as time is taken to re-think the lesson.

In addition to other strategies, reviewing notes can give learners many helps. In college, students obtain information from face to face environment and online.Therefore, reviewing notes is becoming more efficient for students.In order to solve problems which students probably have in class, reviewing notes is a necessary behaviour. Moreover, if students are kind of confused about what they have learned,reviewing notes could improve student’s understanding about objects or topics.Basically, students are struggle from blending learning environment.Therefore,students who would like to review notes usually have better understanding than others.

Study groups are very beneficial to students attending college or university.  Students join academic groups and are able to meet at decided-upon times to work on assignments and/or study for tests.  This ensures students spend more time at their school work and less time procrastinating.  Studying on your own has limits as it only allows the student to see things from one perspective.  Study groups allow people to share ideas and gain different perspectives on the topic, thus allowing them to be more thorough.  In addition, students are, at times, able to learn new material faster and more efficiently.

Theses are reason why studying skills are a crucial component in academic to fully comprehend the important concepts in a course. By using flash cards to study for test, reviewing, homework to help you understand better. also being organized and managing your time so you can find what your looking for quicker and so you can study and do your homework at same time.


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